Scottish Gemmological Association

At the AGM of the Scottish Branch in May 2008, Jack Ogden, then Chief Executive of the Gem-A, indicated that the current position of Branches as part of the Gem-A was incompatible with the charitable status of the Gem-A due to the requirements laid down by the Charity Commission of England and Wales and thus, branches could not continue in their present form. Indeed, technically, according to the Gem-A’s charity registration, branches did not exist!

Subsequently, in several emails and in discussion following the Annual Conference of the Gem-A in November 2008, the possibility of creating an Unincorporated Voluntary Association as a successor to the Scottish Branch was discussed.

The driver for change had been the adoption of charity status by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and the consequent complex rules and substantial administrative burden associated with the establishment of Gemmological Association of Great Britain Branches within that framework.

In consequence, a new association was created in order to resolve the position.

The Scottish Gemmological Association (SGA) was formed with effect from the 1st December 2008.

The SGA is an Unincorporated Voluntary Association and is not registered as a charity.

The new association will maintain the strongest links with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

The SGA will be affiliated to the Gemmological Association and we will continue our excellent working relationship with the Gem-A.

The Scottish Branch of the Gemmological Association was wound up formally at the Annual Conference in May 2009 and, thereafter, we intend to continue to promote gemmology in Scotland under the aegis of the new association, the SGA.