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25th January 2017, Deborah Mazza on Idar-Oberstein cutting

Deborah will be discussing gem carving as an art form, like sculpture but smaller and used for personal adornment since the dawn of time.

This has been always done but has now been developed to a very high standard due to modern technology and particularly to the skill of Idar-Oberstein artists.

More - -


and 22nd February, Alan Hodgkinson on the 2017 Tucson Gem Show.

Details will follow shortly



Scottish Sapphires

Our October meeting was a highly enjoyable talk given by Ian Combe on Scottish Sapphires. The meeting was well attended, as was our meal afterwards, and we all greatly appreciated Ian's efforts on our behalf.  After recounting stories of his (and that of a few of our other members!) involvement with Scottish Sapphires we had the opportunity for a closer look at several cut stones, some rough and some finished jewellery.

 We do have a couple of photos and this PDF originally printed by The Times (we think!) in 1995.

This PDF of Ian's presentation gives an outline of what he covered for those who were unable to attend.



Jade Talk and Workshop.

On Wednesday 28th September, Andrew Fellows presented us with a workshop on Jade.  Andrew is well known within British Gemmology circles and is a regular attendee at our Conferences.  He is a professional gemmologist, diamond-grader and ODL Tuition Manager at Gem-A in London.

jade talk people1.JPG

After a short talk on the sources and different kinds of jade, we were able to handle and look closely at a selection of specimens from Andrew's personal collection.  Our sincere thanks to Andrew for making the trip north to talk to us and we look forward to his next visit!

Our 'after meeting' suppers are getting popular.  We had 16 attendees for our visit to Cafe Grande and there have been positive reports!

For those who were unable to attend the actual meeting, Andrew has generously given permission for us to include a pdf of the illustrations for his talk.  To view, click here -


2016 AGM

On Tuesday 13th September 2016 we held our AGM in the boardroom of Bonham's in Queen Street.  We would like to thank all who attended.  In addition, we were delighted to present Rachel Bailey of Bonham's with the Ness Trophy for her pass with distinction of the Gem A gemmology diploma. Subsequently, she has also passed the Gem A Diamond Grading Diploma with distinction.

Thanks were also offered to Rachel for the use of the room for the meeting.

Once the formal business was concluded, we were also lucky enough to have Ewen Taylor recounting his experiences of his trip to Idar-Oberstein and Ste. Marie aux Mines in June this year.  Our thanks to Ewan for this informative talk - now we all want to go!

Afterwards a group went out for a very enjoyable supper in a nearby restaurant.

Our Chairman's Report for the last year can be found here


Book Review

Jewelry by Suzanne Belperron: 'My Style is My Signature' Hardcover – published 11 Jan 2016

Authored by Patricia Corbett, Ward Landrigan and Nico Landrigan

The definitive illustrated biography of one of the most influential and important jewelry designers of the 20th century.

To read Elizabeth Passmore review of this excellent book, please click here

Our sincere thanks to Elizabeth!



Tom Herbst Lecture Review

Faceting : Managing your raw gem material

A lecture delivered to the Scottish Gemmological Association

on 17th May 2016

By day, Tom Herbst is an astrophysicist at the Max Plank Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany. Of course, in reality astronomy is a ‘by night’ pursuit and Tom’s passion is star formation, the photometric phase curve of the rings of Saturn, mapping the surface of Titan and high angular resolution astronomy with projects such as the Linc Nirvana. This is a unique and ambitious binocular telescope project with two exceptional 8.4 meter dia. mirrors.

That might seem rather all-consuming but when this relaxed Canadian has time on his hands he has made himself one of the world’s leading amateur cutters of gemstones. I use the term amateur as a term of respect and admiration for an enthusiast who is not driven by monetary gain but by passion alone.

Tom had been invited to speak in Edinburgh on ‘Designing and Visualising Gemstones’, sponsored by the Edinburgh College of Art and the Italian Cultural Institute and he was kind enough to give a talk to the SGA on the following evening. Tom told us about the sources of rough gem material for faceting such as rock shops, online dealers and the bigger and smaller gem shows not to mention fossicking for your own at mines. He described his own methodology for selecting rough by shape clarity, colour and other characteristics and his system for cataloguing and storing material awaiting the faceting process. We particularly enjoyed his home improvised method of creating three dimensional images of rough and charting different cutting options against his image on his PC. For those who would like to learn more about faceting gemstones Tom is author of the gem cutters’ ‘bible’ - ‘Amateur Gem Faceting Volumes I & II.

We were pleased to welcome a number of guests to the lecture including members of the Scottish Mineral and Lapidary Club.

We thank Tom for giving us his valuable time whilst away from his his wife Inge, and their two teenage sons, Matthew and Timothy.



So our Conference is over for another year.  If you were there, then you know how much fun was had and photos to prove it can be found here.   If you weren't there, then take a look at the photos and mark 2017's dates in your calendar now,  so you don't miss out next time!

The Scottish Gemmological Conference 2017, will be held at the Stirling Court Hotel and Conference Centre on the Stirling University campus, from Friday 28th April to the 1st of May.

2016 Conference Report

Stuart Robertson and Cigdem Lule of Chicago once again very generously sponsored a Gemmology student to attend our annual Conference in Peebles.  This years award was made to Andrew Dobrzanski.  

Andrew is studying for a PhD in Geology at the University of Edinburgh and is also currently enrolled on the Gem-A Foundation Gemmology Course.  He compiled a report on the Conference proceedings which can be found here -


GemSet2016 - Jewellery Design Competition

Each year our association invites jewellery design students from the various colleges across Scotland to enter our annual design competition. The emphasis is on encouraging an interest in gemstones in all their different forms and to include gemstones within their jewellery designs.

For more information and prize winners, please click here

Photos of the prizes being awarded at our Conference on the Sunday can be found here.



Braemar Castle have a special exhibition of Cairngorm Gems running as part of the Scottish Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.
The exhibition tells the story of the use of cairngorm quartz in Scottish jewellery and artifacts, starting in the 1700s and reaching a peak following Queen Victoria’s arrival on Deeside in 1848.
It features three of the largest surviving crystals of smoky quartz from the Cairngorms Mountains, none normally on display to the public.

It has also assembled a fascinating display of real objects – mineral specimens, newspaper cuttings, original design artwork, jewellery and other artifacts, kindly loaned by private individuals, jewellers and museums.

Roy Starkey and the Invercauld Cairngorm

Roy Starkey and the Invercauld Cairngorm

More info here: <…>



the AGA Gemological Education Scholarship Program

The Accredited Gemologists Association is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 2016 AGA Gemological Education Scholarship.

In keeping with AGA's mission to support gemological education and research, this scholarship up to $5,000 USD is authorized by the governors of the AGA. The scholarship is open to anyone who is interested and will be actively working in the field of gemology. No experience is necessary but a willingness to further their education in this field is a must. Funding for the AGA Education Scholarship is made possible by the generous support of AGA members. The AGA is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of California.

Details regarding the application requirements and process...




Scottish Awards to Gem-A Gemmological Students


The Scottish Gemmological Association is pleased to announce that the Scottish (Diploma student) Gemmology Trophy for this year has been awarded to Rachel Bailey and that the Scottish (Foundation student) Gemmology Trophy has been awarded to Carmen Garcia-Carballido. 

The trophies will be presented at our Conference on on Sunday 1st May.

Our congratulations to both ladies!






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