Scottish Gemmological Association

GemSet2018 - Jewellery Design Competition

Winners - 2017


Context of the Competition

The Scottish Gemmological Association exists to promote and develop an interest in gemstones and gemmology education in Scotland. The Association offers a jewellery design competition specifically intended to encourage the use of gem materials in the work of students, at all levels, full-time or part-time in the jewellery and design departments of the Scottish Art Schools and Further Education Colleges.

Students will be provided with a selection of gemstones which they may incorporate in their design or they may use their own materials. The gemstone/s may be precious, semi-precious or of no monetary value at all.


The Brief

To design and make an item of wearable gem-set jewellery.


Criteria for Judging

The entries will be judged by a panel of jewellery and design professionals and prizes will be awarded according to the following criteria:

Aesthetic design and creativity

Technical ability and quality of fabrication

Professional application of stone setting techniques

All submissions should be wearable jewellery and will emphasise the attributes of the gemstone/s.



First Prize: Natural gemstones to a value of £350.

Second Prize: Natural gemstones to a value of £175.

Third Prize: Natural gemstones to a value of £ 75.

Commendations may will be awarded at the discretion of the judging panel.

All Prize Winners shall receive a complimentary one year membership of the Scottish Gemmological Association.


Applications to Enter for GemSet2018

Applicants are required to Register to Enter the competition by Monday 18th December 2017.

You may register here.  Your registration can be submitted online and payment of £10 can be made, preferably by Direct Banking to:

The Scottish Gemmological Association, A/c No: 00202367, Sort Code: 83 26 02

  or else by Paypal to

Please fill in the details and hit the SUBMIT button.  You will then receive an on screen acknowledgement.  Or there is a link to a printable form below.

Name *
Name of College attended, please indicate *

Alternatively, please click here to print a registration form and post toGemSet2018’, Alistir Wood Tait, 116a Rose Street, EDINBURGH EH2 3JF with your entrance fee enclosed. Cheques should be made payable to the Scottish Gemmological Association.

Students upon registering will receive a set of gemstones which will be posted out by the 15th January 2018.


Your Design

The student should base the design of a jewellery item around one or more gemstones. The student may use the gemstones provided by the SGA or they may use their own. Any natural, synthetic or imitation gemstone/s may be used and should be the focus of the student’s finished piece. The piece may otherwise be constructed from any precious or non-precious materials which the student feels are appropriate. Students should bear in mind that the piece ought to be wearable and emphasise the attributes of the gemstone/s. Entries may be accompanied by a short explanation of the piece. This explanation will not form part of the marking criteria but may assist the judging panel in understanding the design.


Submission of Jewellery Work

All submissions must be received by Friday 23rd March 2018. Entries may be posted to Alistir Wood Tait 116a Rose Street, EDINBURGH EH2 3JF.  Alternatively, items may be delivered in person to the above address (Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm). The judging panel will meet and the jewellery will be returned within a short period of time and the winners announced.


Awards Presentation

A Presentation Ceremony and luncheon for the winners and their guests will take place at the Scottish Gemmological Association Annual Conference on Sunday 6th May 2018 at the Stirling Court Hotel and Conference Centre on the Stirling University Campus.


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