Upcoming meetings and events

SGA Evening Meeting, Thursday 27th September - Cigdem Lule on Coated Gemstones.

Coating of the surface of a gem partially or completely in order to modify the colour, luster or brilliance is a very old enhancement procedure. Modern coating techniques are more sophisticated and claimed to be more stable. Technically, any gem is a candidate for coating but colored and iridescent coatings seem to be popular with quartz, beryl and topaz.

Detection of coatings are not too difficult but it requires the gemmologist to be vigilant and to look for them. This workshop will cover commonly coated coloured stones and how to recognize them with general observation, magnification and proper lighting.


Dr. Lüle is a research gemmologist, mineralogist and educator. She is the owner of Kybele LLC, a consulting firm based in Illinois, USA. As an independent researcher, she has dedicated a large part of her career to archaeogemmology; the identification of gem findings from archaeological sites, with an emphasis on origin investigation. Her consultation services also incorporate developing tailored education for the gem professionals, valuers, gemmologists and gemmology students. Her clients for consultation includes Gemworld International and ColorCodex LLC in the USA. She is a contributing editor to the GemGuide and the technical advisor to the World of Color communication system.

Dr. Lüle’s professional education includes BSc. in Geo Engineering and MSc. in Mineralogy from Ankara University, Turkey; PhD. in Mineralogy from Hacettepe University, Turkey; Diploma in Gemmology and Diamond Diploma from Gem-A and Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA.

In 2016, she was awarded the prestigious Antonio C. Bonanno Excellence in Gemology Award.

Over the following weekend, starting Friday 28th September, a group of us will be travelling to Whitby and then on to Castleton on the Sunday.  There are still a couple of spaces available should anyone else be interested.  Our proposed schedule -

SGA Evening Meeting, Wednesday 31st October - Adam McIntosh of Two Skies (Edinburgh) on The Adventures (and Misadventures) of a Rockhunter.

Adam's adventures are many and varied, but he has always had a particular interest in British minerals and gemstones.  His starting point will probably be Scottish rocks, but where his talk will end up is anyone's guess!

SGA Evening Meeting, Wednesday 21st November - Shirley Mitchell on Variations in Gemstone Valuations.

Coloured gems are becoming more popular, no longer does the consumer just want the ‘Big Three’ ruby, sapphire and emerald. Instead they are learning about pink sapphire, tanzanite, aquamarine and a whole host of other gems. As a valuer, we have to know what constitutes a poor, medium and good gem or we run the risk of under or over valuing an item of gemset jewellery. We also have to be aware that not everything is what it seems and sometimes you just have to look a little closer. Shirley will be talking about value factors that have to be considered and how one particular piece almost got the better of her!

Shirley has been in the jewellery trade for over 20 years and has a passion for coloured gems and valuing beautiful pieces of jewellery. In 2010, having been a retail manager and valuer for a number of years, she hung up her retail hat and started her own independent valuation consultancy.

She is a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers, serving as an elected member of the IRV committee for 6 years, and now is a co-opted member of the committee,  Chairman of recently formed Academy of Valuers and an ODL tutor for Gem-A.  Having been inspired by so many great gemmologists and tutors, Shirley is happiest when she sees people learning about gems and jewellery.

We are continuing to hold our Monthly Meetings at the Eric Liddell Centre, located on the southside of Edinburgh at: 

Map:  15 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4DP. 

It is just past the junction of Bruntsfield Place, Colinton Road and Morningside Road.  Evening parking in this area usually presents no problems and the Centre is served by Lothian buses services 5, 11, 16, 23, 45.

If you would like to join us afterwards just for a coffee, a drink or something to eat, we will have a table booked at the nearby Cafe Grande.